People nowadays think that you can't live or exist without money, they rely too much on it, that they can't achieved or accomplished anything without money. Living this days depend too much on money, we can't acquire food, shelter, clothing, and others without it. But I'll tell you guys that money is just a tool that can be used for survival, it contributed a lot, but it is not the source of everything that sometimes people thinks. What we need this days is education, to open our eyes and minds about our environment, money had been used in early days to acquire something they don't , because in early days acquiring something can only be done through barter or exchange of product, but because not all people produce needs like food or clothing, people who build house and do other work have no means to produce foods and exchange it. That is why money had been introduce and used to bought and acquire, almost everything this days can be acquired by using money. 
Its seems like living today is not free, that you need money to survive. We buy water, food, travel, and sometimes people. But you know guys there are a lot of free things that our creator had provided  for us, we can survive and live without money, the life that we have is free, the air, sunlight, friends, and love ones are free, the birds and other animals live free, they don't need money to survive.
My fellow, please be informed that even though it is hard to survive this days without money, a lot of things that can be found in our environment are free, all we need is education to open our mind in the reality of our present situation.
Live happily with no worry, God will provide.
I really have nothing to sell: But I have a lot to share. And I'm positive that if we could relate, you could give me some ideas of how we can reverse this trend by recognizing that we can't survive alone and that aloneness and ego involvement leads to death and destruction. Aside from ideas there are a lot more to share, like things, talent, and time. It is something very precious and priceless to us, but if we can share to the one who need it most, you did not only served as blessing but you are giving life and joy to them. That is how important to share, the way we give with love is something that will provide life and energy to the receiver. 

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    July 2010



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