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Free cases for Apple iPhone 4 reception problem

The iPhone 4 set Apple sales records after its release June 24, drawing positive reviews from tech bloggers and almost religious fervor from Apple fanatics who lined up for hours to get their hands on one.
The smartphone has sold more than 3 million units, Jobs said Friday, and has been the most successful product launch in Apple history. He maintained that, despite the reception issue, the phone remains "our best product ever."
"It's not like Apple has had its head in the sand on this," Jobs said. "It's only been 22 days."
But just hours after its release, reports of a problem with reception began surfacing.

Analysts found that holding a certain spot on the metal band around the edge of the phone leads to interference, causing weakened reception and, sometimes, dropped calls. The band houses the phone's antenna, part of a design that made the sleek iPhone 4 about 25 percent thinner than its predecessors.
The complaints reached critical mass Monday, when vaunted product tester Consumer Reports gave the phone a "can't recommend" rating after verifying the problem.
The report pushed the problem onto the sets of late-night comedians, creating a rare public-relations crisis for Apple, which has enjoyed positive reviews for years for products including its iPhone, iPad and MacBook laptop computers.

Jobs set up Friday's announcement with a lecture-style presentation, noting that all mobile phone antennas have problems and showing what he said was video of similar reception issues on other smartphones.
Even as he made the announcement, Jobs said that returns of the iPhone 4, which have been 1.7 percent, have been lower than the 6 percent return rate for the previous generation iPhone 3GS.
He did acknowledge that the iPhone 4 drops more calls than the 3GS but said the difference is less than one call per 100.

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